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Paul Simonon: Punk Bass Legend
Born in Brixton, England in 1955, Paul Simonon was a student at London Art College when he joined the The Clash in 1976 at the insistence of guitarist Mick Jones.Paul immediately realized that he enjoyed being onstage playing in front of people much more than painting alone in a studio. Simonon is credited with with naming the band as well as cul...
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How to Buy a Fender Bass Online
Buying a bass on the Internet can be a risky and somewhat scary experience. Unfortunately there are many dishonest and unknowledgeable people online selling basses. Some are outright scams, while others simply don't really know what there selling. I've personally bought several Fender basses online over the years and have learned some valuable ...
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Carl Radle: Unsung Bass Hero
Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1942 Carl Radle was one fo the most influential bassists in the 1960's and 70's, even if many bass players don't know it. Radle, who played mainly Fender Precision basses was a regular sideman with some of rock's most famous artists and a highly respected session bassist among his peers. Best known for his longtime as...
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