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Is Vintage Better Than New?

Do older basses really sound that much better than newer ones?

I can't tell you how many times I've read about a bassist who raves about his vintage Fender sounding so much better than newer models.

But are there any hard facts to back up these claims that vintage gear is superior, or is the whole vintage craze just more hype and clever marketing?

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Fender Custom Shop Basses
Most bass players have heard of the Fender Custom Shop but few know how and why it came into existence. Fender started this division in 1987 to produce high quality instruments that would reflect the way Fender built basses back during the "golden years" of the late 50's and early 60's. The custom shop was created by then CEO Bill Schultz during a time when Fender was still trying to rebuild it's image as a premier guitar and bass manufacture...
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Jazz Bass Pickups Review
There are so many Jazz Bass pickups on the market today that it's a little overwhelming. But if you're looking to upgrade your current J-Bass, there's no better cost effective way than to change the pickups.Thankfully the huge selection of J-pickups gives you lots of options to nail down that tone you're looking for. I can't review every Jazz Bass pickup out there, (it would take forever) however I have personally played these four. While ever...
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