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Flatwound String Reviews
There are so many flatwound string brands available now that it can be a little overwhelming. In general all flatwounds will give you a warmer, more mellow tone than roundwounds but there are differences with each brand.Although the basic design for flats is the same, there are several small differences in the construction of the string that can ...
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Fender Telecaster Bass
The Telecaster Bass was introduced in 1968 and as it's name suggests it resembles the famous Telecaster guitar. Somewhat of an oddity in the long line of Fender Basses, the Telecaster Bass is basically a reissue of the original Precision Bass that debuted in 1951, which itself was designed after the Telecaster guitar. The bass featured the slab...
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Fender Goes Fretless
Sometime in 1970 Fender introduced a fretless version of their iconic Precision Bass model. By all accounts this bass was identical to any standard Precision bass, except all the frets and fret lines were removed.However, being a fretless bass the neck was designedand constructed a little differently than a stock fretted P-Bass. A normal frette...
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