Fender has completely revamped their American Vintage Series bass line for the first time since they introduced them in 1982. Gone are the '57 and '62 Precision Bass and the '62 and '75 Jazz Bass. Fender is now offering a '58 and '63 Precision and a '64 and '74 Jazz Bass.

So the question is....what's the difference?

FBP JBass1
In 1959 Leo Fender and his design team started work on a new bass.  The Precision bass had been Fender’s only bass model since 1951. After Leo and his build team redesigned the P-Bass in 1957 the marketing department at Fender pushed Leo to intr


After Leo Fender introduced his revolutionary new Precision electric bass in 1951 he had to come up with an amplifier that could handle the new instrument's low end power.

The first Fender Bassman was released in 1952, it featured a 15" speaker and 26 watts of all tube power. It basically was a guitar amp with a little more low end response, but it set the stage for all bass amps to come that would literally change music forever.


The Telecaster Bass was introduced in 1968 and as it's name suggests it resembles the famous Telecaster guitar.

Somewhat of an oddity in the long line of Fender Basses, the Telecaster Bass is basically a reissue of the original Precision Bass that debuted in 1951, which itself was designed after the Telecaster guitar.

The bass featured the slab body, mid-placed single coil pickup, maple neck with the smaller headstock, and string through body design just like the old 51' P-Bass. The large pickguard shape was also the same except that now it was white instead of the original black color.


Vintage style bass amps seem hard to find these days, especially affordable ones.

For every vintage reissue bass amp there's probably ten or more vintage guitar models amps available.

About ten years ago I saw an amazing looking bass amp in a music store. It appeared to be an Ampeg B-15 Portaflex, the legendary bass combo from the 1960's.

On closer inspection I realized it was a new, solid state remake of that classic old tube amp, the B-15 Portaflex.

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