In the bass community we often hear the phrase "less is more". This annoys some people to no end, they reason that less is less and more is more.

Of course they're missing the point, which is why I propose the "less is better" substitute.

In most cases when it comes to bass playing, less is better. I say most cases because there are times when you do need a little bit more in the bass line, but for most situations the less is better policy works very well.


Fender introduced the short scale Mustang Bass in 1966. The original concept was to offer a smaller scale instrument for students and young bassists of shorter stature. However it gained popularity amoung many pro bassists.

The Fender Mustang Bass was the last bass Leo Fender designed before he sold the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company in 1965 to CBS.


Most bass players have heard of compressors but not many really know what they do.

They come in several different forms but all serve the same basic function.

Whether it's a cheap stomp-box compressor or a fancy high-end rack mounted version the idea is essentially the same: to compress your bass signal's dynamic range.

The question is, why would you want to do that?


Yet another hotly debated bass topic out there....is there a difference in tone between a maple and rosewood fingerboard?

Some bassists swear that maple boards sound brighter and more aggressive than rosewood, which tends to have a darker, more mellow tone they claim.

Being that I've owned both rosewood and maple board basses I thought I'd give my two cents worth on the subject.


One of the most respected and admired bass players in music today, Pino Palladino has such an array of amazing bass chops and feel that it's almost ridiculous.

Pino's ability to fit his unique style into any type of music and not only make it work but make sound great is a rare skill indeed.

The complete package, Pino can make it funky, melodic and anything in between all the while serving the song perfectly. Never getting in the way of the other musicians, Pino always adds just the right feel to the track.

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