Yet another hotly debated bass topic out there....is there a difference in tone between a maple and rosewood fingerboard?

Some bassists swear that maple boards sound brighter and more aggressive than rosewood, which tends to have a darker, more mellow tone they claim.

Being that I've owned both rosewood and maple board basses I thought I'd give my two cents worth on the subject.


One of the most respected and admired bass players in music today, Pino Palladino has such an array of amazing bass chops and feel that it's almost ridiculous.

Pino's ability to fit his unique style into any type of music and not only make it work but make sound great is a rare skill indeed.

The complete package, Pino can make it funky, melodic and anything in between all the while serving the song perfectly. Never getting in the way of the other musicians, Pino always adds just the right feel to the track.


When I first started playing bass 15+ years ago I noticed that Fender sunburst finishes were priced a little higher than solid colors.

What's interesting is that Fender only offered sunburst as the standard finish from the late 1950's through the 1960's.

If you wanted any other color it is was a 5% up-charge, then known as a custom color job.

They offered several custom colors, all of them based on American automobile paint options of the era. I've listed my favorite 12 custom colors from that time period.

FBP PBass10

Born in Brixton, England in 1955, Paul Simonon was a student at London Art College when he joined the The Clash in 1976 at the insistence of guitarist Mick Jones.

Paul immediately realized that he enjoyed being onstage playing in front of people much more than painting alone in a studio. Simonon is credited with with naming the band as well as cultivating their look and stage designs.


Buying a bass on the Internet can be a risky and somewhat scary experience. Unfortunately there are many dishonest and unknowledgeable people online selling basses.

Some are outright scams, while others simply don't really know what there selling.

I've personally bought several Fender basses online over the years and have learned some valuable tips on what to look for and what to avoid.

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