1964-fender-relic-pbassIn celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Precision Bass, Fender has released a new Custom Shop Time Series creation. The Fender 1964 Heavy Relic Precision Bass comes in the classic 3-tone sunburst finish with the highly sought after "L series" neck plate.

fender-proto-precisionFender's new Proto series basses (formerly the Pro Series) are Master Built Custom Shop instruments that have unique features. Typically these basses are created for musicians with very specific needs and some of these features have been incorporated into the Proto series models.

vintage-hotrod-70s-jazzbassFender has a new take on the popular Jazz Bass design, creating a mix of vintage retro 70's styling with some up to date modifications. The P/J pickup configuration gives the player some serious tone options. The Fender Vintage Hot Rod '70s Jazz Bass features some classic vintage touches like pearl block inlays on a rosewood fingerboard, a bone nut, heel end truss rod adjustment and a nitrocellulose gloss finish on an alder body.

vintage-hot-rod-precisionThe new Fender Vintage Hot Rod '60s Precision Bass is a modern take on a time tested classic design. The bass features both vintage and modern touches that offer musicians the old school look with a more modern sound. The main detail that stands out is the dual pickup design.

hurley-61-pbassThe Fender Custom Shop has released a new signature bass, replicating Sean Hurley's 1961 Fender Precision. Hurley is a well known and sought after L.A. studio bassist who has recorded with such artists as Ringo Starr, Annie Lennox, Alanis Morissette, Robin Thicke, and John Mayer who he has also toured with. Sean's weapon of choice is his trusty, well worn 1961 Fender Precision Bass.

troy-sanders-jaguar-bassBassist Troy Sanders has always been Mastodon's foundation, using his fast and heavy playing to hold down their massive sound. Fender has teamed up with Sanders to create that distictive tone and look with Troy Sanders Jaguar Bass. With a striking dark Silverburst body, black pickguard, matching headstock and PJ pickup layout the bass oozes style and power.

dusty-hill-pbassZZ Top's Dusty Hill has played bass a long time and this new offering by Fender is based on his favorite axe with some very special modifications.Although it may look like an ordinary early 50's P-Bass, the new Limited Edition Gold Top Dusty Hill Precision Bass is anything but ordinary. This special limited edition is exactly like the one that Dusty uses on tour and only 50 will be available for purchase worldwide.

limited-geddy-lee-jazz-bassThe Fender Custom Shop has released a new version of Geddy Lee's famous 72' black Jazz Bass. This new creation features a maple neck with white binding and pearl inlays, instead of the black blocks found on the Fender Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass.This change mirrors the replacement neck that Geddy currently has on his original 1972 Jazz Bass.

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